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Customers call him “global plug-and-play”. Being raised in diplomatic circles, cultural awareness, sensitivity and business experience started from birth and gives Anil an additional advantage as an adaptive inter-culturalist. Born in China, he has lived in Asia (India), Africa (Egypt, Somalia), South America (Guyana), The Caribbean (Trinidad), North America (USA) & residing in The Netherlands since 1988.

Anil Joshi is the founder of ITIDA® International and
Splendid Tiger® | The Academy of Destination®.

Even when you do nothing do it with intensity
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Anil Joshi
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Anil Joshi is passionate to inspire and help organizations, teams and individuals with their Deep Transformation© journey. He has a “no-nonsense” style and is driven to make a difference. Depending on specific needs and circumstances, he can help you through a variety of building block elements in his portfolio of services.

Trainings & workshops

Whether you need to roll out a large learning and development program or a single training or want, Anil Joshi has access to reliable and professional resources to support you. Nothing is considered to too small or too big. Trainings can be provided for professionals in Procurement, Supply Chain, Purchasing, Sourcing, Sales, Business Development and Product Management.


  • Business and category alignment
  • Cateogry strategy development and implementation
  • Facilitation of cross-functional teams category development workshops


  • Commercial / Strategic / Expert / Monopolist training
  • Inter-Cultural Negotiations
  • Making the negotiation cake bigger
  • Purchasing and Sales negotiations
  • Sales techniques for Procurement
  • Procurement techniques for Sales


  • Essentials of Supplier Relationship Management
  • Strategic Supplier Management
  • Sourcing Models
  • Vested®


  • Internal Stakeholder Alignment
  • Purchasing for Non-Purchasers
  • Purchasing as a Business Partner
  • Back Door Selling Tactics
  • Advanced Business and Stakeholder Alignment


  • First Time Leader Program
  • Become a person of influence
  • Stakeholdered Centered Leadership
  • Leading High Performance Teams
  • PARC© Storytelling
  • Inter-Cultural leadership
Keynote Speaker

Anil Joshi will share his insights and experiences with you on what he calls “Deep Transformation© – a suitcase for your journey’. He has a relentless pursuit for improving performance of individuals, teams and organizations. His key messages are in the areas of strategy, value chain management, talent management and leadership. He will share tips on how you choose and what you choose as equipment in your suitcase for your transformation journey. Clients say that Anil Joshi is an inspiring, energetic and thought provoking speaker with funky insights on Deep Transformation©. Audiences value his multicultural, cross industry experience and pragmatic way of working. He has his fair share of pleasant successes, unwanted failures, painful lessons and funny bloopers. Rest assured, he will share them with you.

Executive Coach

Anil guides senior managers to identify, develop and unlock their potential. This also benefits their organisations. He helps them overcome the roadblocks to accelerating entrepreneurial performance. His coaching sessions are focused on supporting executives to manage and lead organisations in their own unique way, by asking critical questions, providing reflection and suggesting different ways of looking at challenging situations. As a result, executives gain fresh views and learn to discover surprising opportunities and solutions. Sometimes it is as fundamental as restructuring, rephrasing or confirming existing thoughts and views. Anil can be direct without beginning unnecessarily harsh and he has the ability to get under your skin touching the right nerves when needed. His coaching style is characterized as inspirational, motivational and pragmatic.


Anil is specialized in strategy, teaming, leadership, change management and cross-functional collaboration and can help you with your business challenges as a consultant. Anil Joshi brings cross-industry business experience, business sensitivity and a positive sense of humour.

Anil has the talent to inspire people with his enthusiasm, his pragmatic view on business and his ability to adjust to different cultures and circumstances. His authentic leadership style enables him to operate in different roles, from trainer to executive coach, from key note speaker or conference facilitator. He listens well, asks the right questions and challenges people to think in solutions. Anil owns a wide set of skills, enabling him to offer custom made programs for everyone. A very pleasant person to work with!
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Mr. André van Gils President & CEO OMRON Healthcare Europe, The Americas, Russia, Middle East, Africa.
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Splendid Tiger® | Academy of destination®

We are transforming our services to the next level to add more value to individuals, teams and organinsations anywhere anytime. You will benefit from our high quality blended learning suite of online, virtual, onsite and in-company trainings with our new brand name, new style of working, ready for any new normal. Our training programs will be time efficient, effective and available on demand, whenever and anytime you have time. Yes, you decide how and when to learn. We are tapping into your new era needs, in a fast pacing environment with limited time. To learn and grow unique skillset for better performance. With Splendid Tiger® trainings and the self-paced e-learning modules available at The Academy Of Destination, we offer a complete suite for all your professional development needs. Splendid Tiger® | Academy of Destination® welcomes you to the new era of learning and growing. I, Anil Joshi, feel honoured and privileged to bring these splendid tools closer to you, for you. Enjoy the ride.

Splendid Tiger Academy of Destination