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Anil Joshi is passionate to inspire and help organizations, teams and individuals with their Deep Transformation© journey. He has a “no-nonsense” style and is driven to make a difference. Depending on specific needs and circumstances, he can help you through a variety of building block elements in his portfolio of services.

The portfolio provides just an outline. Please contact Anil Joshi for more details.

The Deep Transformation© suitcase contains:


Whether you need one training or want to roll out a large learning and development program, Anil Joshi has access to reliable and professional resources to support you. Nothing to too small or too big.

Trainings can be provided for professionals in Procurement, Supply Chain, Purchasing, Sourcing, Sales, Business Development, Product Management, Marketing and Communications

In his role as a trainer Anil Joshi designs, develops and delivers customized training programs and workshops on subjects like strategy, leadership, execution, change management, negotiations, stakeholder management, culture. These are organization wide and also for specific functions like Procurement, Sales, Marketing, R&D, and cross functional groups.

A selection of In-Company Single-and Cross-Functional Workshops and Trainings is;

  • Masterclass Emotional Selling and Buying
    Customers/suppliers/stakeholders find it quite normal to want to be understood while conducting business. For many this remains an elusive challenge. There are several ways to generate understanding, connection, be remembered and have impact in business. Participants of this training will learn the techniques to understand how the brian works, how emotions can be used to increase impact with anyone in any situation. This knowledge will give an advantage that could make the difference between winning and losing. It works. 

Check out this introductory video:




Anil Joshi enjoys working with his clients. The immense challenges of collaboration and teaming, inspired him to dig deeper to search for elements of transformation that go beyond everyday interaction.

While conducting business in 30 countries spread across 4 continents, he is constantly learning, meeting many professionals and as a result adds to his suitcase of Deep Transformation knowledge.

Anil Joshi will share his insights and experiences with you on what he calls “Deep Transformation© – a suitcase for your journey’. He has a relentless pursuit for improving performance of individuals, teams and organizations. His key messages are in the areas of strategy, value chain management, talent management and leadership. He will share tips on how you choose and what you choose as equipment in your suitcase for your transformation journey.

Clients say that Anil Joshi is an inspiring, energetic and thought provoking speaker with funky insights on Deep Transformation©. Audiences value his multicultural, cross industry experience and pragmatic way of working.

He has his fair share of pleasant successes, unwanted failures, painful lessons and funny bloopers. Rest assured, he will share them with you:

  • Marketing / Sales
  • Customer Appreciation Events
  • Internal events
  • Collaboration Team building
  • Strategy and Leadership
  • Diversity and Culture
  • Change Management
  • Purchasing/Procurement: Supplier Events



(Need more information? Please reach out to Anil Joshi)


  • Category Management: Design and development of category management methodology

  • Training of any category management methodology

  • Category and sourcing methodology deep dive workshops

  • Multi-functional teams category development workshops




Single function and multi-functional participants possible

  • Negotiations Foundation Training
  • Advanced Negotiation
  • Expert Negotiations
  • Inter-Cultural Negotiations
  • Negotiating with monopolists
  • Making the negotiations cake bigger
  • Negotiations in deadlock situations
  • Purchasing and Sales negotiations
  • Sales techniques for Procurement
  • Procurement techniques for Sales




  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Advanced Supplier Relationship Management
  • Advanced Account Management for Procurement
  • Joint customer supplier business planning



  • Business and Stakeholder Alignment
  • Advanced Business and Stakeholder Alignment 



Conference facilitator 


Anil Joshi offers a combination of business experience, an energetic leadership style and the ability to motivate participants even after a heavy meal. No need for a separate presenter and event chairman.

Business and facilitation experience all bundled into one

With Anil Joshi facilitating your next event:

• Participants energy and engagement levels will be high.

• On stage speakers will remain in contact with your audience.

• Appropriate balance between humour and seriousness will be maintained.

• Razor sharp questions and simple language feedback can be expected.

• The event will be kept on track.

Going beyond conference facilitation – theme and agenda co-creation

We can help you develop the theme as well as the agenda for your next event. Then you are assured that your objectives and your delegates’ expectations are in appropriate harmony of pragmatism and inspiration.

When to engage us?

For in-company and off-site summits, congresses and conferences, for example:

Corporate events, strategy and leadership workshops, account and sales management, purchasing / procurement conferences, collaboration themes, customer days, diversity events, supplier days, strategy and leadership, marketing and sales conferences, new company integration or carve outs, product / service launches and team building events.

Some events as Conference Moderator/Event Chairman 

• OCI Nitrogen Key Suppliers Event

• Leaders for Nature Forum

• Cultural Alignment in Global Procurement Conference - Young PurchasingProfessionals

• DSM Expert Center Event

• ifunds Customer Arena Day

• Young Professionals Make The Difference Conference – Sustainable Business in Developing Countries

• DSM Global Purchasing Town Meeting

• CO2 Emissions Conference – fake or future?

• DSM  Innovation Summit

• Bridging the Business Gap between The Netherlands and India –YDretail 

• Be a Local Hero—Specsavers

• Deep Transformation – Time for Funky Basics – How to keep your organization inspired and motivated! -Vopak





• Strategy

• Teaming

• Leadership

• Change Management

• Cross Functional Collaboration




Executive coach Anil Joshi guides senior managers to identify, develop and unlock their potential. This also benefits their organisations. He helps them overcome the roadblocks to accelerating entrepreneurial performance.

Executives say that the pace of transformation is constantly increasing. Anil Joshi developed the ‘Deep Transformation – Time for Funky Basics©’ journeyapproach to address the key factors for managing and leading personal and organisational transformations. It is all about being aware of and unlocking individual and organisational capabilities.

Unlocking Potential - Entrepreneurialism is more than a life style 

Anil’s coaching sessions are focused on supporting executives to manage and lead organisations in their own unique way, by asking critical questions, providing reflection and suggesting different ways of looking at challenging situations. As a result, executives gain fresh views and learn to discover surprising opportunities and solutions. Sometimes it is as fundamental as restructuring, rephrasing or confirming existing thoughts and views.

Coaching style

Anil Joshi brings cross-industry business experience, business sensitivity and a positive sense of humour. He can be direct without begin unnecessarily harsh and he has the ability to get under your skin touching the right nerves when needed. His coaching style is characterized as inspirational, motivational and pragmatic.

What can you as an executive or senior manager expect from Anil Joshi as your coach?:

• Individual and team intervention support

• Inspirational sessions with a pragmatic focus on your business objectives

• Respectful reflecting and insightful interactions

• Thoughts, insights and behaviours are challenged

• Razor sharp questions and to-the-point summaries

• Insight in the meaning of purposeful leadership

• Increased confidence to embrace entrepreneurial behaviour

• Balanced view on business and personal challenges

• An effective balance between seriousness and humour is maintained

• Total confidentiality

• Personal Coaching

• High Performance  Teaming

• Strategy

• Diversity

• Leadership

• Change Management











Face to face connection can be reality live or digital live or lively social media. 

Let us get in touch to share insights, share challenges and the joint journey to increase impact.

Connect by email:
[email protected]

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Connect by e-mail:
[email protected]

Connect through LinkedIn:
go to my LinkedIn page

Connect through Twitter:
go to my Twitter page

Face to face connection can be reality live or digital live or lively social media. 

Let us get in touch to share insights, share challenges and the joint journey to increase impact.


  • Develop a System of Beliefs and Behaviours for High Performance Teaming: 
    At strategic, tactical and operational levels during a long-term relationship, the needs, the targets, the team members, can and often do change. When getting the job done gets highest priority, this negatively impacts the working atmosphere. Many teams, within an organization or customers or suppliers face these challenges. This workshop helps teams to passionately seek out the root causes and then develop a system of beliefs and behaviours that helps team work in openness and trust to significantly improve team performance. It helps increase team performance. 

  • Leadership series - PARC© Storytelling: 
    High impact storytelling like no other. The PARC© Method will help you structure your story and messages while strengthening your personal style. If you have to announce a new organization, change of strategy, an acquisition or perhaps even your change of job, The PARC© Storytelling method helps your audience understand and experience your messages with all their senses and heart felt. PARC© will help you make your presentation a story that connects to anyone in a memorable and effective way – in business and non-business situations. Definitely increases your impact.


  • Leadership series - Powerful influencing applying Mental Models:
    Mental models drive how we see and interpret any situation, work, and the world around us. This results in patterns of behaviour. The challenge lies in the behaviour patterns are usually not consciously driven. This mental models workshop will increase your awareness of your behaviour using mental models. Understanding your own mental models is the first powerful step to then understand the mental models of others. A reconstructing experience. 

  • Leadership series - Inter-Cultural Effectiveness: 
    Participants of this training will learn the theory and practicalities in dealing with various cultures. They will be taught ways to develop connection, rapport, build relationships, understand communication styles and improve their working effectiveness through increased cultural awareness and understanding. They will leave with insights and tips that work immediately. A lot of practice is a promise. A differentiating experience.

  • Leadership series - Influencer Training™ Vital Smarts® Certified
    Influencer Training™ is a leadership course that teaches proven behaviour change strategies. Drawing from the skills of many of the world’s best change agents and combining them with 5 decades of social-science research, this course offers a powerful model of behaviour change whether you manage a team of ten or the thousand. Do you need a change of culture and want to cascade this throughout the organization? This will generate the momentum you need. Get ready for extreme influence.

  • Leadership series - Workplace effectiveness Workshop DISC® Certified: 
    DiSC® profile help you and your team to increase workplace effectiveness by: Increasing your self-knowledge, responding effectively to conflict, understanding your stress behaviours, motivate yourself and others, approach challenges from diverse angles, and much more. Accelerate powerful collaboration and reduce conflict. Develop stronger skills by identifying and responding to your stakeholders’ styles. Manage more effectively by understanding the dispositions and priorities of employees and team members. Assess the situation quickly and adapt behaviour. 

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