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Working with people all over the world at all levels has made me realise that cultures are different but the basic needs of people are all the same.

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Mr. Rob Harmsen
President Holland Colours N.V

"Anil has facilitated us in the strategy and team building process. He's very enthusiastic and has an amazingly high energy level. And is able to transfer that to his audience. He realises that to be able to support an organisation you needs to understand it and its processes first. As a result he's able to challenge the organisation and the individual and add value to the process."


“Anil Joshi was the moderator of Nutreco’s international food and agribusiness conference AgriVision in 2013. It was a pleasure to work with Anil. Anil delivered valuable input during the preparation phase and contributed with his enthusiasm and passion to an excellent team spirit. Anil radiated at any moment lots of positive energy, showed a high degree of flexibility and played an important role in making AgriVision 2013 a fantastic event.”

Mr. Andre van Gils
President and CEO Omron Healthcare Europe:


“Anil was our keynote speaker during a large customer event. He provided us with an inspirational and energizing session on change. He gave us insights in the mere simplicity of creating change within one's own circle of influence. Anil showed us the simple steps to start creating change, and created a humorous and engaging atmosphere. Anil has done an excellent job to challenge current thinking patterns. It has inspired all participants to start thinking about the changes they want to make within their own working environment. Powerful and fun.

Mr. Vasco Grilo

Chief Procurement Officer Johnson & Johnson

“Anil is an insightful, fast paced and engaging speaker that brings to the table relevant and impactful concepts, helping business leaders to see through and beyond the massive complexity of their businesses.”

“Anil Joshi has brought to my team the ability for team members to trust each other and finally collaborate towards a common strategic agenda.” 


Face to face connection can be reality live or digital live or lively social media. 

Let us get in touch to share insights, share challenges and the joint journey to increase impact.

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Face to face connection can be reality live or digital live or lively social media.

Let us get in touch to share insights, share challenges and the joint journey to increase impact.


Connect by e-mail:
[email protected]

Connect through LinkedIn:
go to my LinkedIn page

Connect through Twitter:
go to my Twitter page

Mr. Tim de Boer

CEO Ketchum

"A lot of energy! And as a true World Citizen Anil, as no other, can talk about the challenges of international business."


"Anil Joshi has an exceptional intuition for interacting with the audience. His clearly contributed to the extremely positive atmosphere and success of the event. His performance was valued by the participants of the conference which can be seen by his excellent score in the evaluation."

Executive of a leading automated materials handling and sorting systems organization

"With a no nonsense, down to earth style, Anil knows what he is preaching. If you can laugh with a person you can work with a person. Smile is contagious, just smile at a person and see their reaction (Anil smiles a lot). Anil can easily adjust to any setting and he translates clients’ goals in an effective customized approach. Anil gives energy as soon as he walks into the room without saying anything (yet)” He really lives his famous one-liner: “Even you’re not doing anything, do it with intensity!”

Senior Sales and Business Director working in The Netherlands

"If you like to challenge yourself, if you like to explore new ways to talk to your customers, and help your company become more inspirational, then you should join the Master Class Emotional Selling. It is great!!!"

Procurement Manager of a Global Dairy Retailer

"With thanks to coach/trainer of world class for the inspiring sessions on strategy implementation."

Mr. Hans Gorter

CEO ifunds

"I have experienced Anil as especially amicable and energetic. He wins trust rapidly and knows to identify and trigger participants drivers. Anil does not hesitate to mirror and confront to get people in motion. Powerful!!"

Managing Director of a global health care company

“You prepared the strategy workshop very well; by searching the internet on the  participants, by tuning in on our objectives and the program and that you have  a very nice and effective way of getting and keeping in touch with your  'customer' (before and after the session) which gives me the feeling that you  really care. Thanks for your contribution to the Global Hall town meeting. The feedback I received from the community is that you were very well regarded and people felt that the workshop was very impactful."

Retail Design Agency operating in Netherlands and India

"We experience lots of issues working together with our Dutch office and Indian office. Anil did show us why these issues occur and explained us where they originate from. And, as no other, he is capable to connect the day-to-day reality to our cultural backgrounds, which helps us solve those issues far more efficient. Bringing people together.....Thanks Anil!"

Some general quotes


  • Never met such an enthusiastic presenter
  • Good balance between theory and practice
  • Passionate guy
  • Inspiring and authentic
  • Professional!!!!
  • Great, he is crazy and so open
  • It exceeded my expectations
  • Never dull!!!

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